Dog Breeds – Afghan Hound

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Discovered in Afghanistan and the surrounding regions in the 19th century, the Afghan Hound has developed into two distinctive breed types depending upon the region the animal’s heritage comes from. These regions are considered the Southern and Western Desert regions and the Northern region of Afghanistan. Sadly, during World War II, the breed all but … Read moreDog Breeds – Afghan Hound

Dog Breeds – Standard Schnauzer

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Though today three Schnauzer breeds are recognized, the Standard Schnauzer is the original. This pup can trace its ancestry 500 years back to the old herding and guard dogs of Europe. Despite their similarities in appearance, the Schnauzer and Schnauzers in general are not related to the British Terrier. Instead, they are most closely related … Read moreDog Breeds – Standard Schnauzer

Dog Breeds – Miniature Pinscher

Minature Pincsher come from Germany. A careful mix of Dachshund, Doberman, German Pinscher and Greyhound, this breed was originally developed to keep rats and rodents out of barnyards and stables. Often hailed as “The King of Toys” their mini talents include; competitiveness, obedience, agility and guarding property. Their small size makes them effective watchdogs when … Read moreDog Breeds – Miniature Pinscher