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The Pekingese is a toy dog that originated in China. These are an independent dog that many enjoy for their regal, lion look.

They have compact bodies, bold personalities and plenty of energy to keep up with any owner. Understanding their history, their breed and their temperament allows anyone to know if this is the right breed for them.

Pekingese dogs are said to have originated in China. They are often referred to as a "lion dog" or "pelchie dog" because of their close resemblance to the Chinese guardian lions.

These dogs were favored by the Chinese imperial court, dating them back 2000 years. They have kept their appearance over the years, except for modern times they are enjoyed with their hair grown down to the ground where as back in history they were favored to have their coats trimmed in a more spaniel resemblance.

For centuries, only those in the Chinese Imperial court were allowed to have them, but in 1860 that changed. Five Pekingese were obtained by European soldiers, and passed along to the Duchess of Wellington and the Duchess of Richmond, as well as Queen Victoria of the UK.

This is how they begin to migrate from being owned and enjoyed only in China, to all around the world today.

The Pekingese are a toy breed that run between 7 and 14 pounds. They also can stand between 6 and 9 inches tall at the withers, though they have been known occasionally to be smaller.

Any Pekingese smaller are often called "sleeves" since in ancient times the smaller ones were carried around in sleeves.

This breed has a double coat, grown long to the ground with feathering around the ears, tail and legs. The majority of Pekingese are gold, red or sable but on occasion can be black, white and cream.

The face of the dog is black, with this including the mouth, nose, eyes and eye rims. There are albino Pekingese which have pink eyes and a white coat, but since these are said to have major health problems they are not often bread.

The temperament of the Pekingese are said to be very confident, regal and independent. Indoors, the breed likes to relax and often lay about quietly.

They enjoy having their eyes wandering around, always taking in their surroundings while enjoying a comfortable spot in which to lie.

Throughout his calm enjoyment, the Pekingese can burst out with a sudden need for playful excitement, running around demanding attention.

They are said to be acceptant of other animals, as well as strangers that come around. With their owners, however, they are loyal and loveable to no end.

They do have their sensitive side, however, and will show it when reprimanded. This particular breed is said to be known for their snorting, sneezing and snoring.

Overall, this is a great breed for any owner. They should be enjoyed and well loved, since their long hair will need to be kept up, and their personality means that they can require a lot of attention.

However, since they are a breed that are loyal and comfortable with all around them, they are suitable for anyone who wishes to welcome them into their home.

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